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Toddler / Child 'keeping my pants dry' chart - girls or boys pants

Order Pants Dry Training Chart



  • Personalised with your child's name and photograph - or special picture
  • Emailed to you as a PDF file
  • Print out and use as many times as you like.

Tried and tested on my own 3 year old,
this interactive method of encouragement engages your child's attention for positive results.

  1. Record your child's daily progress.
  2. Mark dry pants days your child's favourite stickers
  3. Use a pencil to mark little crosses for any 'accidents'.
  4. Print a fresh one out to use again whenever you like - as many as you like.
  5. Laminate it yourself and use a dry-wipe pen and re-use.

Dimensions: A4


Order Pants Dry Training Chart