wedding ideas

Wedding stationery is one part of graphic design, but it is also so much more in its own right and quite different, that I felt it needed its own focus and own logo within the wild ideas brand.

Wedding Stationery is a beautiful way to express design creativity to the extreme. There are no boundaries to the designs you can create and each couple has their own unique story that can be incorporated into their own unique design that captures the essence of their emotions that have led them to this special day.

your special day

Most people agree that their wedding day is one of the most important days of their lives. So you want to make sure you get everything right.

From the flowers that the florist arranges to the photographs that the photographer takes and the cake that that the baker ices.

All these people listen to your suggestions and translate them into an idea and produce another unique element of your perfect special day.

Then you go online and order some wedding invites from a website that everyone else has looked at and you choose a stock design from only twenty designs, that two thousand couples could have chosen and convince yourself that you made it unique because you chose gold ink from a list of six colours and 'Edwardian Script' from a choice of five typefaces.

.... and you said you wanted to make your wedding special?

Some things can't be as unique as you would like, that wedding car for instance, has been hired every weekend for 5 years for somebody's wedding, and the church, well they have a wedding there every Saturday, and two in the summer.

But wedding stationery you can make as individually personal as you like, so don't let yourself down with the first thing that your friends see when they hear about your special day.

Help wild ideas create truly unique stationery and capture the essence of the people you are and the emotions you share that have led you both to planning this special day.