what is graphic design

The art of combining text, pictures and patterns in an attractive, visual presentation that establishes your relevance and credibility by communicating the right message to the right people. By presenting a polished appearance you increase the perception of the value of your products or services and create a lasting impression.

graphic design that works on your business

A proficient designers ability comes from years of accumulated knowledge and experience, that adds value to your project.

They instinctively understand what images, colours, content, typesize and font choice to use, spacing the text to punctuate and read easily, to make your promotional message clear and to leave blank space for the layout to gain impact.
Ultimately making the design work ON your business to get you noticed.
So your time is free to work IN your business delivering results to your clients.

The design which Wild Ideas provided for our new business cards was highly imaginative, unique and classy. Linda Wild worked very hard to understand our requirements, take on board our suggestions and come up with a range of creative ideas, colours and layouts from which to choose. She also negotiated very good rates for printing. We are delighted with the quality and look of the final product - and know that we wouldn't have got anything similar by doing it ourselves on line.

Dr J.S. Chambers

why graphic design

Anyone with a computer and 'word art' can create a poster or a flyer but only a graphic designer can create a Poster with punch, a Calendar with class and Wedding Stationery with a wow.

Companies on the internet provide stock designs and royalty free images for you to 'use', but everyone else before you will have used them. It can be costly, time consuming and open to many errors if you don't have the skill and knowledge.

A successful graphic design, comes from the services of wild ideas original graphic design, who take your ideas, turn them around and deliver your complete finished project. Its personal to you, its unique its original. And it looks pretty damn good to boot!

web design

Website coding is very technically skilled, and graphic design is very creatively skilled, and some web designers and graphic designers try to be a jack-of-all and do both.

However here at Wild Ideas, we have the perfect solution. Linda Wild recognises her strengths as a brilliant creative, but acknowledges her weakness with website coding.

DBN Web Design

Her affiliates, Dennis and Bina at DBN Web Design do the same. While they have excellent specialist coding skills, their graphic design ability does not have the visual sparkle.

But by working together, you as the client have the potential to achieve a top class result. Not only a unique and original website design and layout. But skilfully coded to the max with fabulous functionality, usability and browser/platform compatibility.

And you can be assured that your design will be given the required consideration for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

As Dennis said: "At DBN Web Design we take great pride in the websites we create, and we know that the graphic design skills offered by Wild Ideas can make a good design into a Great Design that is really pleasing to the eye."